Fall Conference 2018

Gary Babinuk

Education for the Future of the Planet – the urgent need for Education for Sustainable Well-Being

Participants will explore the concepts, topics, resources, teaching and learning strategies that we need to adopt in our classrooms in order to transform our knowledge, skills and attitudes both personally and professionally in order to help our students understand the sustainable and social justice issues of today so they can take informed action to move to a more sustainable and just world.

Joel Boyce

Auto Office, We Hardly Knew Thee – A Computer Skills Round-table

This will be a guided round-table discussion and resource sharing session for teachers who will be teaching a basic computer skills course along the lines of the now departed Automated Office 40S elective. Are you currently teacher or do you expect in the future to be teaching a course whose primary focus is computer skills, whether department-designed (Applied Business Technologies 40S) or school-initiated (e.g. RRC’s long-standing Intro to Computers 21G)? Or are you perhaps embedding this kind of content in other curricula, like English Language Arts? Are you having trouble teaching certain required content, or looking for a way to fit in other content you think your students need?

Let’s hash it out together! Wheter you want to share some of your good ideas, borrow someone else’s, get some crowd-sourcing to solve a tough curricula problem, or any mix of these things, come to this session armed with a portable or online drive (if you have files to share) and your brain (for managing voluntary and autonomic body functions and also thinking).

Wendy Bullock

Literacy Board Governance

Today’s Non-Profit Boards face many challenges and have enormous responsibilities. What really is Governance? What is the role of the board? What are the key functions of a non-profit board? What is the role of the Executive Director? What are some questions that plague board members? This workshop outlines the components of governance including Board responsibilities, board succession, role of the Chair and the role of board directors and staff. What are the committees needed? An interactive workshop with handouts including a workbook, information on creating a board calendar with reminder of items to do each year, and other handouts will be a part of this workshop

Marcey Cherniak and Julie Fine

Engage Your Students in Career Exploration!

Join Marcey Cherniak and Julie Fine (Adult Learning and Literacy) for a workshop about how to make effective use of the National Job Bank and other on-line resources. Learn how the National Job Bank and other tools can help your students work through occupation and personality self-assessments, research a career, and explore the related essential skills. Meet Jams Murphy from the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) to unveil new Trade-Up resources and websites.


Nancy Cosby

Think Globally, Act Locally

Activity based and interactive workshop where participants are asked to contribute/share in dialogue and lessons. Workshop will include highlights of presenter’s lived international experience as well as former students’ perspectives.

Nan Fewchuk

Your Power to Choose: How to create the election experience in your classroom

Elections Manitoba’s Your Power to Choose program introduces adult learners to the values of citizenship, democracy and power of choice. The workshop will demonstrate how educators can inform and empower adult learners to participate in the electoral process. Using content developed in collaboration with adult educators, participants will learn to demonstrate the practical applications of democracy in an unbiased, practical and fun way.

Drawing on relevant issues, educators will learn to guide their learners through a complete election experience:

  • Reflecting: the history of elections in Manitoba
  • Preparing: the value and impact of their name on the election process
  • Choosing: presenting and analyzing issues from all sides to make informed choices
  • Voting: a mock election and the impact of their vote on their daily lives

Melanie Gertley

WTF?! We Teach Foundations Mathematics: Strategies

This workshop will discuss the importance of identifying inductive vs deductive thinking, and how students intuitively organize numbers to inform effective strategies for teaching math to literacy learners and deter math anxiety for all of us! We will be looking specifically at Multiplication, Division and Measurement. We will end with a discussion about how we can support each other in finding resources and in developing our math programs. ** If you have metre sticks, please bring them, along with you favourite math lesson and a personal device that can connect to the internet.

Cory Guest

Prescription/Illicit Drug Presentation

This is a heavy focus on prescription and illicit opioids, street drug trends, signs and symptoms of overdose/poisoning, the aggressive treatment Paramedics provide, statistical data and a component on the stigma associated with drug and alcohol addiction.

Heather Kilbrai

I have a student who … (Directors)

I have a student who has high school credits from Alberta. I have a student who has an English credit from 15 years ago. I have a student who was home schooled. I have a student who is interested in dual credits. Come for a refresher on credit transfer and the Mature High School Diploma, and bring your favourite “I have a student who …” story!

Joanne Lambert

Topic: MB Student Aid

Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) provides loans, grants and bursaries to Manitobans who need help paying for school. When you apply to MSA, you will automatically be considered for loans, grants and bursaries, not only from Manitoba Student Aid, but also from the Canada Student Loans Program.  

MSA funding is calculated based on your financial need and is meant to supplement, not replace, your own resources. If you get student loans, you don’t have to make payments or pay interest on them while you are a full-time student. When you receive and repay your student loans, you deal with both lenders separately. 


Heather Mazur

Presentation of Skill and Employment Partnerships, Education and Training, Province of Manitoba

Summary of services and supports through the Skills and Employment Partnerships Branch of Education and Training. Included will be an overview of Industry, Training and Employment Services, marketAbilities Program, Supported Employment.

Sarah Nantais

Crossing the Void: Online Career and Educational Resources

Access to education is at the heart of everything we do at Campus Manitoba. In this fun and interactive workshop, we will introduce resources available to you and your students in the area of career development and online learning.

La Donna Ogungbemi-Jackson & Daniel Blair

Try the Trades App and Website Resources

In partnership with BITSpace Development, Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) will use virtual reality experiences to introduce youth to 15 trades in Heavy, Residential, and Commercial construction. Students will virtually walk through a day in the life of a construction worker as s/he discuss the various tools, equipment and materials that are used to do his/her work on a daily basis. As a work in progress, we invite teachers to check out the app using headsets and learn about other career development resources (website and games) to use in their classrooms.

Nigel Sayer

How do I help my dyslexic learners with scotopic sensitivity

A look at providing help finding correct colour overlays, fonts, text size, paper colour for the dyslexic learner. This will be a hands on paractical workshop where you will get to experience the difficulties some dyslexic readers experience.


Ruth Stgardter

Career Development Education Opportunities for Adult Learners

In her role as a Career Development Consultant, Ruth’s piece of the puzzle is to help students to learn about themselves, explore pathways and career options, plus other critical information such as financial literacy (can we really believe in a path if we don’t know how we can access the resources we need to get there?) If they find an interest, the “village” around them can reach out to use Manitoba Education and Training resources such as Career Development Life/Work curricula, Career Development credits and resources to help develop that idea and discover multiple paths to that goal. Come discover the learning opportunities including internships, practicums and credit for employment opportunities that exist for your students!

Stephen Sutherland

When Google Isn’t Good Enough

The CMHA MB and Winnipeg serves the needs of all Manitobans, young and old, through a variety of services and supports. Our mission is to promote the mental health of all people in Manitoba and support the resilience and recovery of individuals experiencing mental illness. As with any health issue, navigating Manitoba’s complex system of care can be overwhelming. At CMHA, our specialists are available to help all Manitobans find the best type of care or service to match their needs. Come hear how this new service can open pathways and reduce barriers in accessing supports and services for those you are working alongside. Hear about all of the services and supports CMHA MB and Winnipeg has to offer. Come with questions and be prepared to engage in conversation about mental health service navigation.

Shelley Warkentin

Topic: Reading Apprenticeship

Curious about how literacy lives in your disciplines? In this session, participants will have the opportunity to explore the ways we think, know, and do in our disciplines (literacy practices) and to experiment with ways to make these visible in the classroom.

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