Supporting Adult Education & Truth and Reconciliation in Manitoba

Be a Champion and Support Through Sponsorship

The opportunity is here for your organization to participate as a sponsor for the ASEC “Beyond the 94. What Now?” conference. Supporting the conference will offer the opportunity for your organization to demonstrate your commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and to specifically respond to Call to Action number 92.

Your financial support will provide for conference expenses ensuring the inclusion of Elders, Healing Staff, and a myriad of exceptional workshops, as well as supporting ASEC’s ongoing commitment to supporting all adult educators in developing their personal and professional understanding of our shared roles in advancing an agenda for Truth and Reconciliation. This is also an opportunity to highlight the work your organization conducts and possible resources you can offer to adult educators. We look to work with all sponsors to establish a recognition plan that works for you.

To discuss partnership with ASEC, please contact:

Rita Lynn Emerson-Misling

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