Please consider serving a two-year term on the ASEC Board. Your ideas, energy, and skills are essential for keeping a vibrant board that truly represents Manitoba’s adult learners and educators.  

Elections will take place at the AGM in October. Nominations to the ASEC Board of Directors are requested by October 13, 2023.  The nomination form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Adult Secondary Education Council board is comprised of eight to twelve Directors, each elected for a two-year term up to a maximum of six consecutive years. Up to two Directors may be appointed by the Board, with remaining Directors being elected by the membership. 

To ensure regional representation, the constitution of ASEC requires that at least one Director be from north of 53° latitude, at least three Directors be from outside of the city of Winnipeg, and at least three Directors be from within the city of Winnipeg. These are minimum numbers of representatives from each area and not limitations on representation. It is the responsibility of the Board, through its Nominations Committee, to see that sufficient candidates are running from each region. 

The ASEC board is a volunteer board. Directors receive no payment for their contribution, though may be eligible for expense reimbursement when travelling for meetings and conferences. Lunch is provided for in-person meetings.  

The commitment includes: 

  • Participate in all board meetings. The board typically meets about six times each year in a combination of in-person and teleconference meetings. In-person meetings are usually from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, but may be longer or shorter depending on the business at hand. In accordance with the ASEC Constitution, a Director may be removed from the board if they miss three consecutive meetings.  
  • Contribute to at least one committee. These include: the Executive, Spring PD Conference, Fall PD Conference, Communications, Government and Community Relations, Starr Writers Contest, Finance, Literacy, Nominations, and First Nations, Metis, Inuit Representation. Separate and additional committee meetings may be held to carry out committee responsibilities. 
  • Commit additional time outside of meetings to accomplish tasks assigned during meetings. These might include such tasks as recruiting and communicating with presenters for conferences, managing and judging the Starr Writers contest, participating in financial reviews, communicating with membership via the mailing list and website, meeting with government representatives, and so on. 
  • Actively aid in planning and running spring and fall conferences. Board Directors are expected to make every effort to attend assist with planning and organization of ASEC Conferences and to be present on the conference dates. 

Officers (Executive Positions)

In addition to general board duties and contributions, Directors may also undertake an Officer position as part of the Executive Committee. The Officers are nominated and elected by the Board of Directors after the AGM. The Officers are expected to carry out the duties below and are also the key individuals who meet with Government representatives to discuss the distinct needs pertaining to Adult Education in Manitoba. The executive positions consist of:

  1. President
    • Preside at all Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Membership meetings.
    • Draw up agendas of all Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Membership meetings and ensure they are circulated in the manner required by each respective Committee, Board, or Membership.
    • Serve as the General Manager of ASEC.
    • Be one of the signing officers for sealed documents, unless the Board appoint an alternate to serve in that capacity.
    • Serve Ex-officio on the board for a period of one year after they have served their term as President.
  2. Vice-President
    • Serve as chairperson of the Nominating Committee.
    • Assist the President in whatever capacity the President deems necessary and suitable.
  3. Secretary
    • Record minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Membership, and circulate those minutes in advance of the next meeting of the respective Committee, Board, or Membership.
    • Be one of the signing members for sealed documents, unless the Board appoints an alternate to serve in that capacity.
    • Keep the records of the Board, unless another person has been authorized by the Board.
  4. Treasurer
    • Be responsible for looking after the financial affairs of ASEC and maintain a proper record of the financial activity.
    • Prepare and deliver a treasurer’s report at the AGM.

Nomination and Election Structure Policy

  • All candidates and nominators must be members of the Adult Secondary Education Council (ASEC). 
  • Nomination forms and biographies should be submitted before the annual fall conference and AGM, though nominations may also be made from the floor of the AGM. The nomination form can be found below.  NOTE: 2023 nominations and biographies must be submitted electronically before October 13, 2023.
  • Members at the end of their two-year term may be appointed or nominated again and remain on the board, providing they are not exceeding the limit of six consecutive years served. 
  • Nominee biographies submitted by the deadline will be posted online prior to online voting. 
  • When voting, members do not have to consider regional representation. Scrutinizers will monitor the vote counts to make sure that the constitutional requirements regarding regional representation are followed. 
  • Nominees are put forward and voted on by the membership during the AGM
  • The newly elected Board will meet virtually after the AGM. 

In order for ASEC to continue to provide quality professional development and representation to adult educators across Manitoba, we need committed individuals willing to devote some of their valuable time. We thank you for your consideration on behalf of our membership! 

Current Standings and Nominations

Call for nominations 2023 is now open. Additional board spaces are still available. If you are interested in joining the ASEC board, you may still submit the form below to be considered for appointment by the board elected at our 2023 AGM.

Total Board Seats: 12

Members Continuing: 7

Vacancies: 5

Members continuing into the second year of their term: 

  • Terri Otto
  • Rhoda Keck
  • Cat Cogle
  • Diana Dafoe

Members at the end of their term seeking re-election:

  • Krista Reimer
  • Jennifer Muir
  • Brent Johnson

Member resignation:

  • Brock Brown

Members completing term not seeking re-election:

  • Barbara Reimer
  • Shelby McNish
  • Vicky Carnagie

New Nominations:

Nomination Form
Nomination to the ASEC Board of Directors
Use the form below to submit a nomination for the ASEC Board of Directors. Please have nominations completed by Oct 13, 2023
Please provide a brief (maximum 100 words) summary/bio of the nominee’s experience and interests in adult education. Include current and past employment, educational information, and skills that you consider relevant to your standing as a nominee for the ASEC board including experience in government relations, communications, technology (websites, social media, teaching technology, etc.), conference or PD planning, financial management, and so on.