Parking Information for Conference

We are so excited to see you at the conference tomorrow (being held at Neeginan Centre, 181 Higgins Ave, Winnipeg MB  R3B 3G8)! Just a reminder about parking:

  • Parking Restrictions have been lifted from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 pm on the following streets:
    • Austin St, Henry Ave between Austin St and Maple St,
    • MacDonald Ave between Maple St and Argyle St, 
    • Maple St between Higgins Ave and Henry Ave 
  • Please be advised that this Lifting Of Restrictions does not allow for any vehicles to be parked in a No Parking, No Stopping (including rush hour), or too close to a fire hydrant, stop sign or sidewalk. 
  • Bus routes #44, 45, 47 to Higgins or 18 to Main and Higgins

Registration payments that have not been paid in full yet can be paid upon registration tomorrow.

Yours in learning,

The ASEC Board and Conference Committee

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