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2022 Spring Conference
Session Descriptions & Presenter Bios

Keynote Speaker - Jim Silver, Professor Emeritus, University of Winnipeg

Roadmap to a Better Future: Adult Education in Manitoba

This talk will reflect on why adult education is important, and will include a detailed consideration of a number of particular steps that should be taken to build an enhanced and expanded adult education system in Manitoba

Jim Silver is Professor Emeritus at the University of Winnipeg, where he taught for 37 years. He has published extensively on poverty and poverty-related issues, especially but not only in Winnipeg’s inner city. This has included work not only on adult education, but also on low-income housing and community development, for example. He was a founding member of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Mb, which does a great deal of research on poverty-related matters in the province, and has for the past 20 years been part of the Manitoba Research Alliance, which has held four successive Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada research grants with a focus on poverty in Manitoba. He was directly involved in the creation of the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, and served as Department Chair for its first decade, and was a leader in the development of Merchants Corner on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg’s North End, where UW’s Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies is now housed

Rebecca Grey

Mental Health in Teaching

We all know that there is so much more to being a teacher than simply knowing your course content. Knowing how to respond to and support students who are dealing with mental health challenges has always been a part of the picture, however, statistically the prevalence of these issues has been on the rise. With the advent of the pandemic, mental health has become centre stage. Not only are our students experiencing greater challenges, but we as teachers are as well. This session will provide you with some practical strategies for
supporting students, as well as some tips to improving your own mental well-being.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Education from Brandon University. She has worked as a professional foster parent, a child welfare worker, a behaviour specialist and guidance counsellor in the K 12 school system, and as a student advisor and instructor in the post-secondary system. She is a certified Mental Health First Aid trainer with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and a certified Restitution and Control Theory trainer with Chelsom Consultants. She is a self
proclaimed research nerd, and is passionate about understanding human behaviour and mental well being. She works extensively as a private consultant with a variety of organizations and businesses, and has designed numerous courses to provide people with skills in managing difficult situations and supporting groups in working together more effectively. She is a Past President of the Westman School Clinicians Association and Past President of the Canadian Association of School Social Workers. She has two adult children, and lives with her husband on a farm near Erickson Manitoba.


Caitlin Munn

Designing Adaptable Courses and Learning Experiences

Adaptable courses and learning experiences can be delivered in multiple modes, including remote, online, blended, and face-to-face. This session outlines course design and teaching frameworks that be used in the intentional design of adaptable courses. By intentionally designing courses to be adaptable, you can maintain consistency, support learners, and reduce workload, even when shifting between delivery modes. This session will also explore how Learning Management Systems and digital tools can be used for adaptable learning activities, assessments, and instructional resources. 

Caitlin Munn (she/her) is an Educational Quality Assurance Specialist at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba, and a sessional instructor at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. Caitlin is an adult educator and Ontario Certified Teacher who holds a BA (Honours)/B.Ed. Concurrent and Master of Education (thesis). Caitlin’s experience spans the elementary, high school, and post-secondary systems and includes the roles of Learning Strategist, Teacher Education instructor, Student Affairs professional, and Learning Commons Director.


Brenda Robinson

2+3=Aaaaaah! Coping with Math Anxiety

Does math class strike fear in the hearts of your students? Do you feel that their anxiety is causing them to perform below their ability in math? How can we help them? In this session, we will examine some recent research into the causes of math anxiety. You will also try a toolbox of evidence-based quick and easy coping strategies that you can show your students. These strategies may be helpful for students in other subject areas as well.

After working for 12 years in agriculture field research, Brenda went back to university for her Education degree. She took Marie Matheson’s Literacy Tutor course in the evenings of her last term. That led to a practicum at Samaritan House Training Centre in Brandon followed by a job offer to be a literacy instructor there. Later she became the literacy coordinator. During that time, she taught Biology 40S in the evenings for 2 years at the Centre for Adult Learning at Assiniboine Community College. Brenda is now at the college full-time with the Learning Curve department which provides academic support to all students at the college. She enjoys the challenge of helping students with everything from learning time management skills to writing essays to solving business and civil tech math problems.


Laura-Lynne Hildebrand

Career Development Resources for Adult Learners

Navigating the changing world of post-secondary and career supports for students can be overwhelming.In this session, we will discuss free services, funding and supports available in Manitoba to support adult learners towards their work, education and career goals. Learn about education resources and funding available for students who face barriers, including newcomers, students with disabilities, low income students, and indigenous students. Participants will leave the session equipped with new resources, organizations and contacts to help support their students. 

Laura-Lynne Hildebrand is the Career Development Services Officer supporting MITT’s eight Adult Learning Centres. With 5+ years of experience in career and academic advising, she is passionate about bridging students with resources, tools, and information needed to make their next steps. Laura-Lynne’s experience includes coordinating a provincial sponsorship program for youth from care, supporting students with their education and funding options, and developing resource guides for students who face barriers to post-secondary education.

Winnie Huynh

An Evolving Science Classroom Amid a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives all over the world and will continue to affect us in years to come. The classroom is no exception to this change, as the world of education has also been required to evolve in ways to in order continue to provide a high quality of education to our students. In this session, Winnie will share ways she has had to readjust and adjust her science classroom to provide for the needs of the ever-changing environment. From learning how to use new technological programs to live streaming science lab demonstrations; ideas, methods, and resources will be shared to provide you a look into how her classroom has changed. This session will also provide us with a space for teachers to discuss, ask questions and share their own ideas on as well.

Winnie graduated in 2016 with her Bachelors of Education specializing in Senior years mathematics and Biology. Since then, she has taught a variety of middle school and high school math and science courses in Manitoban schools. This past school year, Winnie has brought her experiences and knowledge to the adult education world where she is currently teaching Biology and Pre-Calculus and Biology at Stevenson Britannia Adult Learning Centre and an English/ICT integrated program at MITT’s St. Norbert location.

Millie Acuna

Seed Winnipeg Inc. – Matched Savings Programs

Learn more about SEED Winnipeg’s Money Management Training and Matched Savings programs that help individuals and families save for needed assets while building money management skills. 

Millie Acuna is the Manager, Asset Building Programs with Seed Winnipeg Inc. Millie joined SEED in February 2015 with fifteen years of experience working in the Credit Union system, including management, training and project management. Millie holds a BA and is a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt, specializing in process improvement. She is passionate about serving those who are unbanked/underbanked, strengthening relationships within the community, and supporting financial empowerment for all to build a sustainable future.

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